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Reading FAQ

Tarot FAQ

Rune FAQ

Reading FAQ - these FAQs apply to both runes and tarot

What is a reading?
A reading gives a closer look at a situation, question, person or topic. A reading can offer insight and clarity to the querent by an impartial party.

How does it work?
The reader usually uses a divination tool (on this site, Runes or Tarot) along with intuition to review a querent’s question. Based on the Runes or Cards that are drawn, and the position they fall in, the reader can determine the answer.

Can anyone be a reader?
Yes, anyone can read. We are all born with some degree of intuition, and some psychic ability. Just like any other ability, the more it is used, the more defined the skill becomes. The learning of a craft (such as Runes or Tarot) can help deepen your intuitive skills, and aid in using this ability to do a reading.

Do you do anything to prepare before you read?
Yes, before readings, a brief meditation is done to clear our minds so that we can clearly connect with the querent.

How accurate are readings?
We have had tremendous positive feedback from all of the clients we have read for.

How does free will relate to having a reading?
We all have free will, and a reading is based on the person and the situation as it is at the time the reading is done. If you do not like the outcome of a reading you can change your actions and thoughts (more on this in the help section) to change outcome of that reading. I would compare a reading to a traffic report in some ways. If we knew there was a traffic jam ahead, we could then take a different route, and avoid it.

What can be asked in a reading?
Almost any question can be covered in a reading, however we will never answer questions to predict death. We do advise that questions should be asked that pertain to you. We also advise that if you are asking a question regarding someone other than yourself, it be out of genuine concern for that person, or on his or her behalf. We strongly advise against asking questions about anyone who is not really your concern out of curiosity.

How often should I get a reading?
Readings can be done as frequently as you would like. We recommend however, that you do not have a reading on the same topic or question more than every three to six months. A reading covers the near future (three to six months) so there is no need to ask again. We recommend you save notes from your reading for approximately six months, so you can refer back to it. We also recommend you not ask the same question twice unless something has happened that may effect your situation and which would change the outcome (see free will).

Why did you start an online site to do readings?
Online readings seem to be the most convenient way for people to get readings and have the comfort and privacy they would like while doing so.

Don’t many other sites offer free readings?
Yes, many sites do. Most of these are computer generated readings. Our professional readings are NEVER computer generated, they are personally done by us, and interpreted to each specific person and question.

How do I get a reading?
Click here to get a RUNE reading
or Click here for a Tarot Reading

Just follow one of these links, you can sign up for a reading at any time. Once you order a reading, you will be brought to the Paypal site, which will enable you to pay through them. We do not see your personal credit card information, we will be notified by Paypal that a payment has been made. We will then send you the reading via email or chat appointment(please note the email address is required for us to send the reading, we will never sell our email list).

Thank you for visiting our site.

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